Different Types of Fabrics used in Chikankari

Different Types of Fabrics used in Chikankari

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Chikankari is a delicate handicraft done in white cotton threads on plain muslin by skilled workers. Different types of fabrics are used in this, below is the list.

Chikan has basically originated in Lucknow, India during the period when Mughals ruled. It’s a delicate handicraft done in white cotton threads on plain muslin by skilled workers. It is a very burdensome and time-taking work. That is why chikan embroidery is quiet expensive as compared to machine embroidery. 

Chikan work is usually done on fabrics like crepe, Georgette, Chiffon, Silk, Cotton and other fabrics which highlight the chikan work. And those who like the royal taste, then Chikankari apparel would be imperial gem in any fashion freak’s closet. Chikankari also include diversity in stitches such as shadow work, Ghas patti, funda, geometrical pattern, bulbul, jora etc.


It is a very delicate, light texture fabric made up of silk, cotton or imitation fibres. The twirls in the fabrics give it a fairly coarse feel, and due to its interlock plait gives it a see through effects. Crafters use tissue papers by placing it in between the two fragments sewing it together and after sewing the tissue paper are ripped off from the fabrics giving it a great finishing.


It is one of the best-known, most extensively used fabrics and is the root of around 30 types of textiles. It is the trendiest likely fabric used in making attire as it is soft, strong, skin friendly and washable. It gives an ethnic and elegant look to complete apparel and would be best party-wear.


It is a type of silk fabric which is beam, creased, slightly rough feel plus it can be dyed in various ranges of colours. With Georgette Fabric you can make any outfit of your selection and all over same stitching. It gives flexibility to many designers to customize dresses. 


It is the oldest and most lavish fabrics well-known to man. This protein fibre is obtained by cocoon of the mulberry moth. Chikankari in silk provides a unique, fashionable, exclusive collection of apparels. Silk in chikan attires can be used traditionally giving an ethnic look and also in a trendy, stylish party wear outfit. 


It is a light, lustrous, fabric of good gleam and women adore these delicate textures crepe fabrics in Chikankari giving a look of an imperial gem to the attire. These crepes Chikankari have beautiful jacquard patterns and neo-digital prints. It is malleable to most colour dyes, of bright textures.

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